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We are normal folks like you! (We are not doctors or medical professionals.) However, we have more than 35 years of experience in passionately studying nutrition and enjoying food for diverse goals: fat loss; optimum performance in numerous competitive sports; overcoming specific health challenges; and for mental energy and focus.  Food has always been a handmaid to living. We eat in order to live, according to our goals and needs before us. We all have differing goals. We are here to share with you.

What to expect

On this site, we hope to share with you what we have discovered regarding keto and low carb living. You will find important information, tips, and lots of recipes to share freely. We will also make recommendations that may be helpful to you, which are relevant to your needs.

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Please connect with us on Facebook page or on Youtube with up-and-coming videos. We also have a Facebook group community. There is a plethora of people like you search for answers, recipes, and much more. Make your contribution. You have much more to offer than you can imagine. Together we are stronger. With a community of like-minded people, we can help one another

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