It is so much easier to do this low-carb way of eating if we have tools that make the daily work so much easier. Here are some of the items that low-carb eaters love because they make putting a recipe together so much easier.


Here are a few of the low-carb eater’s kitchen friends:

  1. Instantpot. There is a good reason why this is the best-seller. There are more than 18,000+ recipes and 1,000+ questions. The numbers don’t lie.
  2. Dash Delux Egg Cooker. Eggs are a basic in keto living. This cooks a dozen in no time at all. Makes this common task so easy.
  3. Immersion hand blender. The uses are abundant. Mix your bulletproof coffee or a soup. It is easy and versatile, and it’s easy to clean.
  4. Air Fryer. The results are in and this is one kitchen item that many are getting. Recipes are in abundance.
  5. Silicon Molds (for fat bombs).


What is your favorite kitchen friend?

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