​​​​Premium Low-Carb Chocolate

The time is coming when many of you will be tempted to eat high-carb chocolate, which will sabotage your diabetic or low-carb goals. Usually, someone gives you a gift of assorted chocolates, chocolate eggs or bunnies. While you are grateful for the gesture, inside you are thinking, “Oh I really do not need this.” What do you do now?

Chocolate may be the gift that keeps giving

You might be saying to yourself, “Every time I receive a gift box of chocolates, I eat them all. What do I do?”  Or what do you do if you are invited for a dinner. Well, here are 3 simple strategies.

You are now fully stocked for the next time you have guests.

Put them out of sight and take them out only when you have guests. Offer them to your guests. Give them out to guests as often as possible. So when you have friends over for tea, dinner, dessert or a simple visit. Perhaps this could be the catalyst to invite your friends more often! If you friend is also on a low-carb plan, they may question the friendship!

The door closes. Your friends have left. There is a plate with the remaining chocolates. This is probably the time when you are tempted to say, “well, I’ll just have one.” Wait, what if you have something better, and it’s low carb. Instead, you would not want it. You would be rushing to your favorite chocolate, which happens to be low carb.

The perfect gift for your non-low-carb friends.

We all know how fruitcakes seem to be passed down and around for generations. Well, chocolate is not as bad, it is the perfect something to give to a friend, and it will likely be used! Give it away to somebody who will enjoy it.

BYOC – Bring Your Own Chocolate (low-carb).

If you are invited for a meal, you can communicate to your friend that you cannot have sugar. Perhaps you could offer to bring a low-carb dessert or your favorite low-carb chocolate. Sometimes we do not know the people well enough to say so. Therefore, you could bring your low-carb chocolate with you and offer it to them as well. If your doctor has put you on the low-carb way of eating, then you can say, “My doctor does not allow me to have sugary desserts.”

Prepare Yourself with the Best Chocolate that Does not Throw You Off Track.

We found one of the best low-carb chocolate out there that does not sacrifice taste. It comes in various flavors and is a true treat for those on the low-carb plan. It is called Chocoperfection.

It is a wonderful gift idea in order to encourage your spouse or a friend in their low-carb or keto way of life. It really is keto friendly. Treat yourself as you reach your goals with this very popular and delicious low-carb chocolate.

Chocoperfection ingredients: (This is from the Dark European Chocolate bar) 1.8 oz; 50g per bar • Sugar-Free • All Natural • 2g Net Carbs • 14g Fiber • Gluten Free • 60% Cocoa. They list a keto ratio of 6:1. It’s NON-GMO.
There are several Chocoperfection flavors available:  Dark, Milk, Dark Almond, Dark Orange, Dark Raspberry and Dark Mint.

Check out the reviews. Set goals and reward yourself with special treats, that are approved! Tell your friends and loved ones that if they want to support you in your low-carb way of living, then they can get you these chocolate gift packs.

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