​​​​Recommended Low-carb and Keto books (Must Read)

Self-education is by far the most important part of your low-carb way of living.

best low carb booksMany low-carb dieters fail to reach their objectives, only gaining back the fat that they had temporarily lost. Why does this happen? There are many reasons, but one of the main culprits is due to a very important vitamin deficiency. Which vitamin deficiency? The main reason for low-carb diet failure is vitamin “I” deficiency. What? I have never heart of vitamin “I.”  Vitamin “I” is for “Information.” Too many are deficient in the proper nutritional information that will help them to persevere in this way of eating (WOE).

Many want someone else to simply tell them what to eat and what not eat, without ever learning for themselves the principles and science of the low-carb way of eating. We all do it to some extent, but are we really serious and do we really want to succeed long-term or do we want to return to the starting line again, only to repeat the same vicious cycle?

You see, with the internet, it is very easy to go to a Facebook group or web forum and get what you need for that meal. However, one can do this daily without every really understanding how it all works and why.

Ignorance is not bliss! Ignorance = A likely return of the fat and related symptoms, and possibly more

One of the important principles of successful people is that they never cease to learn. They are students for life. Why do most people fail to reach their objectives in the low-carb way of eating? They are not committed to learning the basic principles of why and how a low-carb lifestyle benefits.  It does not take much to set a good foundation for life and health. What if you could invest a small amount of time in your life that would pay dividends in fat loss, better health, and improved relationships for the duration of your life? Would that be a worthwhile investment?

To remain ignorant is to remain a slave of your own misinformed opinion and that of others. That might sound harsh, but it needs to be said. Obesity and related health issues are at an epidemic level in the United States. Too many people are ignorant and refuse to think critically or learn for themselves. Far too many assume, “Well, the experts will tell me what to do.” Little do they know, many of the so-called “experts” are themselves ignorant and are not students.

So the cycle continues and ignorance feeds ignorance. The results are disastrous for the society, families, individuals, and those they leave behind prematurely.

So here you are, at a crossroad, a decision regarding what path you will take. Will you break out of that vicious cycle and start your journey of learning and change or will you set yourself up for failure, perhaps to come back to the same starting point, or perhaps never again?

We are grateful that there are so many resources available to you. Start your journey today. The following are some of the best books that others have read and digested in order to transform their lives and bring about lasting change. That can be you. Only you can decide. What are you waiting for?

Check out the many reviews and decide on a few that will work best for you.

A good starter book is Dr. Atkin’s New Diet Revolution (2002).

Are you tired of feeling unhealthy and failing to lose weight? What if there were a plan customized for you that helps achieve results: